Prins Willem V
The Prins Willem V is a 258 Ft. steel freight ship lying on her starboard side in about 90 ft. of water in Lake Michigan.
She was originally scuttled during her building to prevent capture by the Nazis and was lifted and finished in the late 1940's. Then, on October 14, 1954 it collided with the Sinclair VII tearing a hole in her side causing her to sink. All crew members survived during the incident thanks to a Coast Guard rescue.
Some of the items in its cargo include: T.V., automotive parts, animal hides, jukeboxes, printing presses, twine, band instruments
Once upon the Prins Willem V you will notice that due to it residing in fresh water, it is largely preserved. It can be very cold so a drysuit is recommended while diving the Prins Willem V. The hull is consumed with Zebra Mussels.
It is very open and has many inviting areas of penetration as you can see in the video. Please note that penetration is not allowed without proper training and equipment.

Special thanks to Rick Richter at Silent Helm for providing images and videos for this project.
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