The USCGC Bibb currently lies submerged on its starboard side at a depth of about 130 ft. in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary near Key Largo, Florida.
There can be strong currents as it sits outside the nearby reef so you must be an advanced diver and/or have proof of your diving ability to dive the USCGC Bibb since most dive shops will not take you out otherwise. Of course to penetrate, you will also need your wreck diving certification.
In preparation for sinking the doors above the main deck were removed, but the hull was sealed.
The port railing is at about 95 feet.
This ship was not prepared for divers as well as the USCGC Duane and it is not recommended to penetrate the ship.
Fauna known to frequent the USCGC Bibb include barracudas and goliath groupers.
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