USS Spiegel Grove
Re-sinking the USS Spiegel Grove
The USS Spiegel Grove was a Landing Ship Dock (LSD 32) and now she is an artificial reef off the Florida Keys. From bow to stern the Spiegel Grove is an immense 510’ long laying perfectly upright in 135’ of water with a minimum depth of 55’. Because of the Spiegel Grove's massive size, a large portion of the wreck is between 60 and 100ft making it accessible to most recreational divers.
Once underwater you will find that the Spiegel Grove is so wide that on many days, the view of the super structure will fade into a green-blue abyss. Visibility is great here, but the currents can be very challenging.
Inside, many openings were created and ropes were installed to assist divers in moving from room to room. The conditions on the wreck can be challenging and changeable. Strong currents, including upwellings and current eddies, swirl around the wreck. On the surface, currents can also be strong. Water temperatures in the summer can reach 85 degrees while dropping into the upper 70s in the winter.
The Spiegel Grove is home to at least 166 different species of fish and she is well on her way to becoming an entire reef ecosystem.
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