Vallecitos Point
Your dive site today is Vallecitos Point, located at La Jolla Shores. La Jolla Shores is the most dived location in San Diego County. The Shores, as it is known to locals, offers shallow diving for classes to complete their skills and for more advanced divers there is the La Jolla Submarine Canyon. The main attraction for diving at La Jolla Shores is the submarine canyon. In the canyon there are many points of interest, one of which is Vallecitos Point, located directly in front of Vallecitos Street. La Jolla Shores is part of the La Jolla Marine Preserve; which means there is no taking of any souvenirs or marine life, only pictures and memories. Amenities include: public restrooms with outdoor showers for rinsing off, a large grass area and park, nearby restaurants, and local dive shops for air fills and other equipment needs.
When diving Vallecitos Point and the surrounding area you will find visibility averaging between 5 - 30 feet and temperatures ranging from 50F - 70F, depending on seasons and conditions. The edge of the canyon starts approximately 200 - 400 yards offshore with depths varying from 35 feet down to 200+ feet deep. The sea floor at La Jolla Shores is made up of mostly sandy bottom until you reach the edge of the canyon, where it becomes more mud and clay. La Jolla Shores has a very diverse selection of marine life. When diving around Vallecitos Point you can find Garibaldi (California State Marine Fish), Sheephead, different rock fishes, various rays and sharks, eels, flatfishes, and many other types of invertebrates and sea life. Have fun eDiving and exploring Vallecitos Point!!
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