Deadman's Reef - Laguna Beach
Deadman's Reef is a deeper reef outside of Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach, CA. Access to the site is generally via beach entry at Cresent Bay then a long swim most of the way out(approx. 400 yards). Being so far out, it is especially important to have a dive flag as there is frequent boat traffic in the area. Access is also available from Riviera Dive Charters, the only commercial boat serving the site. If beach diving, use extra caution as this site is not as protected as most Laguna Beach sites and is exposed to swells.
The depth range for the site is about 40-65 feet with visibility from 10-30ft. On the way out you can use a grouping of man-placed rocks as a guideline which will point you to the reef(commonly known as deadhenge). Being a deeper site, there are commonly more fish on the reef than other Laguna Beach sites. Less divers too as the swim out intimidates most. The fauna can include: small giant black sea bass, guitarfish, bat rays, sargo, perch, calico and sand bass, sheephead, and garibaldi.
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