Lobsters 3
This is the third dive site where you can can capture lobsters.
This Lobster hunting site is located in Santa Catalina.
The lobsters here are bigger than in site 2 but more difficult to capture.

To be able to enter this dive site you must have captured first at least one lobster bigger than 1.5Kg / ~3.3lb at the dive sites Lobster 1 or Lobster 2.
This is a night site so make sure you have a flashlight with you. Bigger is better !
The depth at this site starts at ~5m/~15ft but it drops down to almost 60m/200ft. Make sure your tanks are full before you dive here.
This site is quite big and the lobsters are spread all over the place.
Bigger lobsters (up to 3.25Kg/~7.2lb) ..... but more difficult to capture.
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