Lobsters 2
This is the second dive site where you can can capture lobsters.
This Lobster hunting site is located in San Clemente.
The lobsters here are bigger than in site 1 but more difficult to capture.

To be able to enter this dive site you must have captured first at least one lobster bigger than 1.2Kg / ~2.6lb at the Lobster 1 dive site.
This is a night site so make sure you have a flashlight with you. Bigger is better !
The depth at this site is in the 20m / ~60ft range. Make sure you have plenty of air (or even better Nitrox) before you dive here.
This site is quite big and the lobsters are spread all over the place.
Bigger lobsters (up to 2.75Kg/~6lb) ..... but more difficult to capture.
DCbuddy - Suunto Zoop