Olympic II
The Olympic II sits in about 100 ft. of water in the Horseshoe Kelp Bed off San Pedro, CA. It is almost four miles South South East of Angel's Gate Lighthouse.
The Olympic II is 258 feet long and 38 feet wide and is composed of iron. When diving the Olympic II you can expect to be in 90-100 feet of water. The visibility is typically 10-20 feet but can occasionally reach 50 to 80 if you're lucky. This site is open to strong currents and is near a shipping channel so use caution. Due to the depth and currents, it is an advanced dive.
Special thanks to Steve Lawson and the California Wreck Divers for contributing research material to this project.
On the port side you will see where the hull plates are bent in signifying the damage point from the collision that sunk the ship. The wreck was caused by the Sakito Maru which was speeding in the fog not allowing enough time to stop before smashing into the hull of the Olympic II. It caused the death of 8 people.
The bow and stern are all that's left intact. Much of the middle section has been reduced to rubble.
Some of the sea life known to frequent the area include calico bass, chromis, lingcod, lobster, and perch.
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