Ship Rock - South
Ship Rock is located just outside of Isthmus Cove on the lee side of Catalina Island, near other popular dive sites like Isthmus Reef and Bird Rock. Reachable only by boat, Ship Rock offers a variety of diving, from shallow kelp diving on the island-side shelf, to deep technical dives on the north side of the rock that can easily drop down to be over 200ft deep.
You can find a variety of marine life surrounding Ship Rock from the giant kelp on the upper shelfs working your way down past the gorgonians and other plants. With the location and variety of plant life around Ship Rock there are many chances to see a good number of fish and other little critters, from the colorful Garibaldi, to the pre-historic looking lingcod. Because of Ship Rock sitting so far out from the island it's also possible to have pelagic life come by and pay you a visit.

Another reason for the wide variety of plant and marine life is the conditions in the water surrounding Ship Rock. Water temperatures can vary by season, like the rest of southern CA diving, with water ranging from 70F's on the surface and dropping down into the 50F's at depth. Remember, that even when the water is warm on the surface there is a good chance of thermoclines as you descend, so be prepared for the temperature changes. Along with the cooler temps though you can also be rewarded with some great visibility around Ship Rock. The currents help to keep the water moving and clean most of the time helping to have visibility between 40-100ft.
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