Farnsworth East
Farnsworth Bank is half mile wide seamount consisting of several pinnacles. Situated 5 Miles south from the west side of Catalina, it is exposed to all weather conditions and strong currents, making it an advanced dive.
Farnsworth is also an ecological reserve where Purple Hydrocoral is protected. This is reflected in its presence all over Farnsworth Bank.
This eDive site covers specifically the East portion of Farnsworth Bank.
Special thanks to Dr. Bill for providing research material to this project.
You will see a vast array of sealife at Farnsworth bank including but not limited to: purple hydrocoral covered walls (which are protected), red gorgonians, strawberry anemones, octopus, egg cowrie shells, keyhole limpets, blacksmiths, blue & red striped nudibranchs, torpedo rays, sheephead, and the occasional yellowtail and barracuda if you look out to sea.
The assortment of creatures and beautifull colors makes Farnsworth a great place to dive.
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