Bird Rock
Bird Rock is located in Isthmus Cove on the lee side of Catalina Island near other popular dive sites like Isthmus Reef and Eagle Reef. Reachable only by boat, it is easily recognizable from a distance as a large white mound.
While the entire rock can be circumnavigated, one of the favorite spots is Bird Rock Wall. Here, there is a large wall starting at the surface and dropping to about 80'. It has numerous rocks, ledges, and crevices full of nudibranchs, crustaceans, eels, and horn sharks. Visibility averages 40' and, like much of Catalina, can reach 100' during ideal times. As with most west coast diving, there are numerous thermoclines. Temperatures range from mid-60s on the surface; low 50's at depth during the summer and about 10 degrees cooler during the winter months.
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