Veterans Park
Veteran's Park, in Redondo Beach, is an easy dive site that is used by a lot of classes, and others because of its accessability. Like La Jolla Shores, in San Diego, Veteran's Park is a sandy bottom dive site that leads to a submarine canyon. The difference is that at Veteran's Park you only need to swim about 100yrds. out and you will be at the edge of the canyon, compared to La Jolla where you will need to swim out much further. The parking for Veteran's is monitored by parking meters, so bring plenty of quarters to feed the machines. Also, the Redondo Beach Pier is only a short walk up the beach and makes for a great place for you and your buddies to gather after diving to get a bite to eat and re-live the enjoyment you just had visiting the water world.
On your way into the water take caution of the valleys in the sand just after entering the water. Depending on the tides they can either be simple float-overs, or they can be giant steps. Once under the surface of the ocean at Veteran's Park you will find a wide-open sandy bottom that may look barren, but if you take the time to look around you may be surprised at just how much life there really is in the sand. Visibility is generally pretty good for the area, averaging between 10 - 30 feet and temperatures ranging from 50F - 70F, depending on seasons and conditions. The edge of the canyon begins approximately parallel to the pier, about 100 yards offshore with depths varying from 15 feet down to 200+ feet deep. Veteran's Park has a very diverse selection of marine life. When diving you can find Garibaldi (California State Marine Fish), Sheephead, different rock fishes, various rays and sharks, eels, flatfishes, and many other types of invertebrates and sea life. In the winter Veteran's Park is also a good place to see the squid runs, where they come up from the depths through the canyon to mate and lay their eggs in the shallows. This creates a carpet effect on the bottom and attracts more life as others come to feed. Have fun eDiving and exploring Veteran's Park!!
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