HMCS Yukon
The HMCS Yukon is a decommissioned Canadian warship that was sunk by the San Diego Oceans Foundation (SDOF). SDOF brought the Yukon to San Diego from Canada and stripped her of toxic and hazardous materials. After passing rigorous EPA inspections, in July 2000 they placed her on the bottom in 100 feet of water to serve as an artificial reef just 1.85 miles offshore(west of Mission Beach in San Diego). The HMCS Yukon is in a location that is accessible by both divers and fisherman making her a favorable recreational area.
Visibility ranges from 15 to 40 ft and water temperature at depth is in the 50 F. Mild local currents are quite normal. the exterior of the wreck offers a great dive; the shallower parts of the Yukon superstructure is at ~45 ft and the starboard hull is at ~55ft. Marine life is steadily populating the Yukon; anemones are flourishing on the Crows Nest, nudibranches, starfish and brittle stars are everywhere and a mini kelp forest is growing on the starboard. Several type of fishes populate the HMCS Yukon: surfperches, blacksmith, garibaldi, sheephead, senoritas, rock wrasse, kelp bass, barred sand bass, halfmoon, sculpins, rockfish, cabezon and the occasional Black Seabass
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