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Prins Willem V
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March 31, 2010

Great White Sharks and Scripting Languages

What have the Great White Sharks in common with Scripting Languages? In real life ? Nothing !
But here at DiveNav it is a different matter.

A large Great White has been spotted in Southern California; Sandy moves from dive site to dive site, she is intelligent and if you enter her territory she will come to check you out. Unfortunately, for you, when Sandy checks you out, your stamina and health get affected; if you do not hide or get away, your dive will be over quite soon.

We have integrated a scripting language in the r10 version of the simulator and now we are experimenting with "scripts" that will allow a much better interaction between the diver and the surrounding environment. Pretty soon the dive sites will be more interesting, with more things to see and do. Just stay away from Sandy.
But I know that some of you are eager to meet her; soon you will be able to see, from our website, which dive site Sandy is patrolling and soon you will be able to play with the r10 alpha version of the simulator.

Some interesting statistics for our services as of today:
- 39,100 virtual dives
- 7,100 registered users
- 826 registered dive instructors
- 192 registered dive stores
- 700 online specialty classes taken

It looks like that the 50,000 virtual dive milestone will come sooner than Alberto Mantovaniexpected !

Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
President & CEO
DiveNav, Inc.
Prins Willem V
New Virtual dive site

The Prins Willem V is one of the mostPrins Willem V popular wrecks in Milwaukee.
We started working on this project in July 2009 and now we are ready to "re-sink" the Willie.

The 3D model is completed, we have GPS coordinates and we are now creating the terrain map for the surrounding area.

Our current plan is to release this new site the first week of April.
This site will be quite interesting as there are lot of things to see on the Willie and lot of penetrations too
Product of the Month
Buddy Link
Few weeks ago I was browsing the net and an interesting product from a little known company caught my attention.

How many times, while diving, I tried to get the attention of my buddy? How many times, while teaching, I noticed students "lost" in their own dreams and not paying attention to what was happening in the class?buddy link

The Buddy Link from Affinity Devices could be the solution I was looking for.
At the recent Beneath the Sea event I met with John Fleming, one of the founder of the company and discussed at length their nice product.

I think that their idea is great and maybe one day their technology will be integrated in every mask.
Check them out at
Our belowed Titus
December 1, 2000 - March 20, 2010
It seems yesterday the first time we met; you were playing with your brothers but Anna singled you out immediately: "He is our Titus" she said.

The first night at home was difficult for you; you were crying for your mother and your brothers. I came down and took you in my arms and we slept together like a father and his newborn.
And, like a son you became to us. Growing up fast, with your giant paws and your docile character never asking for anything but always ready to give your heart.

You spoke two languages and your preferred word was "PIZZA". On Sunday evenings your were waiting for us to order few extra slices and you knew when the delivery boy was turning the corner ... the one a mile away.

Our kids grew up searching their paths and you, slowly but surely, became the center of our family; whenever we went, we knew that you werTituse waiting at home for our return. And we always came back, to scratch your ears.

Roll Titus, roll .. like you always did during your daily walks: you made us smile, you gave us joy.

It was hard to let you go; but it was time for you to discover new scents, to run new paths, to roll on new grass.

Run Titus run. One day we will meet again.
About DiveNav, Inc
DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDivingĀ® scuba diving simulator and the DiveComputerTraining service.
eDiving enables the user friendly exploration of our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. facilitates computer-assisted SCUBA diving.

The eDiving simulator is available for free at
The DiveComputerTraining service is available at
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Prins Willem V
Product of the Month
Our belowed Titus
Specialty Classes
Lobster Hunting Game
Specialty Classes
DCT Logo

In March we have released online specialty classes for the following dive computers:
Oceanic Geo 2.0
Oceanic Veo 3.0
Tusa ZEN IQ-900

As of today we have 8 Dive Computer Specialty Classes:
Oceanic: Veo100, Pro Plus 2,
Veo 3.0, Geo 2.0
Scubapro/Uwatec: Galileo Sol
Aqualung/Suunto: Cobra

You can enroll in our Specialty Classes either using Bubble Credits or the class ACTIVATION CODE.
If you just bought a dive computer, make sure to request your dive store for the class ACTIVATION CODE.

If you are a dive retailer You can order the ACTIVATION CODES on our ONLINE STORE.
Thanks to our sponsors, we now have more goodies to give away; in fact, we have now several dive computer contests running.

To participate you need to take the specialty class and to win the dive computer you need to be the fastest one to complete the class.

Here is a list of open contests:

Oceanic Pro Plus 2 May 31, 2010
Suunto Cobra July 31, 2010
Oceanic Geo 2.0 August 31, 2010
Tusa Zen IQ-900 September 30, 2010
Oceanic Veo 3.0 October 31, 2010
Scubapro Galileo Sol November 30, 2010

alberto mantovaniSuunto CobraOceanic Geo 2.0

Tusa ZenOceanic Veo 3.0scubapro Galileo Sol

Titan Rebreather Contest Titan CCR
This contest is now over and the winner is .......
Find it out at Scuba Show 2010. We will announce the name of the winner there.
Meanwhile You can participate in the Guess who is winner of the Titan CCR contest.
The winner will bring home 10,000 Bubble Credits.
Lobster Hunting game
Want to practice catching California Spiny lobsters while winning Bubble Credits?
The game is ON!

my first lobster

Congratulations to princess that last month brought home the full purse with 3,500 Bubble Credits .... she is a committed diver! and it seems that she is going to repeat the exploit for this month too.

Come on guys .... do you really want to be beaten up so hard by a lady? Think about how much gear you can get with all those Bubble Credits!

Check out the website to see your personal records and the global ones.

Enjoy the game !
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