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DiveNav, Inc.
February 27, 2010

New version simulator and new dive computer classes

We have been quite busy this month releasing the r9 version of the simulator. A special tank to the ones among you that helped us beta testing it.

We also managed to release 2 new dive computers specialty classes for the Scubapro Galileo Sol and the Suunto Cobra.

And, among all this activity, I also managed to fly to Chicago to attend the Our World Underwater dive show.
What I find interesting when we exhibit at dive shows is the average age of the attendees that stop (for quite some time) at our booth playing with the simulator .... what about sub 20ish?
It looks like that the future generation of divers really like what we are doing here !

Some interesting statistics for our services as of today:
- 36,100 virtual dives
- 6,430 registered users
- 770 registered dive instructors
- 170 registered dive stores
- 404 classes taken

Another very important - for us - accomplishment this month was that we started shipping to retailers the ACTIVATION CODES for our online specialty classes. Keep the orders coming!
alberto mantovani
Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
President & CEO
DiveNav, Inc.
San Clemente Island - North Bank
New Virtual dive site

As anticipated last month, san clemente northwe recently released the virtual dive site of San Clemente - North Bank.

San Clemente is a 19miles long island located 20 miles south of Santa Catalina island off the coast of southern California

In this dive site you will find a lot of marine life.
We added to this site some interesting surprises .... including a warship (that is not there in reality). Make sure your tanks are full (doubles are better) if you plan to penetrate the ship.
Product of the Month
Stage Bottles
With the r9 stage bottlesversion of the simulator you can now equip a diver with up to 2 stage bottles; either 2 AL80s or 1 AL30 plus 1 AL53., or 2 AL30s.

You will find the stage bottles very useful when ascending from a long deco dive.stage bottles

To use the stage bottles you either dive with tables (like in the good old days) or equip yourself with a dive computer that can handle stage bottlesmultiple gasses - we have several of those in the simulator.

Maybe in real life you will never become a technical diver, but using our simulator you can appreciate how difficult those dives are !
r9 Simulator
What is in it?
Here an overview of what is new in r9, for a more detailed description please check the r9 RELEASE NOTES.

1) LOBSTER HUNTING game can have fun with it; catch the biggest lobster, boast about it with your friends and win bubble credits.

2) ROV now working! Don't have time to dive a site but you want to check it out quickly? Put the ROV in the water and fly ! (if you upgrade the ROV with better engine, propeller and dome, you will go faster and deeper)

3) TECHNICAL DIVER. Now you can equip your diver with doubles and stage bottles. Ready for a 3 hours dive at the bottom of Scripps Canyon?

4) FLASHLIGHT. Now you can choose between different flashlights with different characteristics (light intensity and battery autonomy).

5) NEW CAMERA MODE. In addition to the existing 2 camera modes (mask view and 3rd person view) now you can FIX the camera in a scene and see your diver moving around .... and disappear in the distance.
I use this mode to make sure that a great white shark - or some other dangerous creature - is not stalking me.
About DiveNav, Inc
DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDivingĀ® scuba diving simulator and the DiveComputerTraining service.
eDiving enables the user friendly exploration of our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. facilitates computer-assisted SCUBA diving.

The eDiving simulator is available for free at
The DiveComputerTraining service is available at
In This Issue
San Clemente Island - north Bank
Product of the Month
r9 Simulator
Specialty Classes
Lobster Hunting Game
Specialty Classes
DCT Logo

In February we have released the following online specialty classes:

Scubapro Galileo
Suunto Cobra

We plan to release 3 more classes next month.

If you are a dive retailer make sure to order your ACTIVATION CODES.
- WIN a Scubapro Galileo Solscubapro Galileo Sol
DiveNav and Scubapro launched this contest to celebrate the release of the Galileo Sol Specialty Class.
The Grand Prize is a REAL Scubapro/Uwatec Galileo Sol Dive Computer.
To be eligible to win you must complete the Galileo Sol Online Specialty Class by November 30, 2010.
See website for details.

- WIN an Oceanic Pro Plus 2alberto mantovani
In December '09 we launched this contest in conjunction with the release of the Pro Plus 2 Online Specialty Class
The Grand Prize is a REAL Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Dive Computer.
To be eligible to win you must complete the Pro Plus 2 Online Specialty Class by May 31, 2010.
See website for details.

- Titan Rebreather Contest Titan CCR
This contest is now over and the winner is .......
Find it out at Scuba Show 2010. We will announce the name of the winner there.
Meanwhile You can participate in the Guess who is winner of the Titan CCR contest.
The winner will bring home 10,000 Bubble Credits.
Lobster Hunting game
Want to practice catching California Spiny lobsters while winning Bubble Credits?
The game is ON!
my first lobster

Every month we will give away 3,500 Bubble Credits .... and it seems that for the month of February one diver will bring home the whole bag.

To make easier to get started with the game, we have also created the FREE Lobster Hunting Online Specialty Class.

Last but not least you will be able to see on the website your personal records and the global ones.

Enjoy the game !
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