It has been a while since our last newsletter. No excuses. But our team has been extremely busy bringing to you exciting new products.

As mentioned a while ago, we see the new Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology (aka BLE) as an enabling disruptive technology that will dramatically change how things are done and the bluebuddy wireless data logger, that we introduced a year ago, was the first example of how to apply the power and ubiquity of smartphones to the SCUBA industry.

Then, last summer we launched Nitroxbuddy: the world first smartphone Oxygen Analyzer for scuba divers, and now we are working on DCbuddy: another world first accessory that allows direct download of dive logs from a dive computer using an iPad or an iPhone (or any Android device that supports BLE).

Another interesting product we are working on that leverages the power and ubiquity of smartphones/tablets is the new DSOpal App (and related DSO cloud) that will make the work of Diving Safety Officers so much easier.

Lastly, I am extremely pleased of our collaboration with PADI that by offering divePAL to their Open Water Student Divers help them to become familiar with model-specific dive computers even before they get into the water.

Alberto (aka eDiver)

Dive Computer Buddy (aka DCbuddy)

DCbuddy is a wireless adapter that allows a scuba diver to use his/her tablet or smartphone to download logs directly from a dive computer.
DCbuddy uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology and it is powered by a user replaceable CR2032 battery that should last for almost one year. DCbuddy connects to a model-specific dive computer using a custom, model-specific cable or an infrared link.
DCbuddy can be used with any tablet or smartphone that supports Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology and it is equipped with our divePAL App (or any third party diving App compatible with DCbuddy).

DCbuddy's primary benefit is to make it easy and fun for you to log and share your dive memories as soon as you get out of the water: Connect DCbuddy to your model-specific dive computer. Launch the divePAL App (or any third party App compatible with DCbuddy). Retrieve dive profile. Add info to the log. Share it with your friends.

If you are a dive instructor you could use DCbuddy as a teaching aid. Equip each one of your students with a dive computer supported by DCbuddy, then, at the end of a dive, review their dive profile with them right away and use it to point out any area that might need improvements, such as a better buoyancy control or a slower ascent rate.
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DCbuddy Suunto D Family
Compatible with the following Suunto dive computers: D4, D4i, D6, D6i, D9, D9Tx and DX.
Estimated availability: June 2014.


DCbuddy Suunto Z Family
Compatible with the following Suunto dive computers: Cobra, Cobra3, HelO2, Vyper, Vyper Air, Vytec and Zoop.
Estimated availability: June 2014.


Mares Puck Family
Compatible with the following Mares dive computers: Puck, Puck Air, Nemo and Nemo wide.
Estimated availability: July 2014.


App for Scientific and Research Diving (DSOpal)

Becoming a scientific / research diver is probably one of the top aspiration for a recreational diver.
Imagine being able to dive in special areas that most of the time are not accessible to normal recreational divers, or just being able to dive "as much as you want" while counting marine life, or being part of the group that uncovered that ancient artifact.
Seems a lot of fun to me!

But, one of the aspect that in general scientific divers do not like is to prepare and submit a log of their activities.
This is even more of a problem for the Diving Safety Officer that has to persuade (or sometime coarce) his/her divers to actially submit those logs.
Then the DSO has to review the logs, then create one or more reports for the Diving Control Board and for the Association to which his/her organization belongs to.
All this tracking / reporting could be quite overwhelming for the DSO that in some cases has to do this manually and with paper logs!

DiveNav has been collaborating with USC to develop a new log tracking system specifically designed for DSO and their scientific divers. With this new system a diver equipped with an authorized bluebuddy wireless logger will be able to send a log to his/her DSO, via our DSO cloud, immediately after the dive is completed. The DSO will then be able to retrieve all the logs using a smartphone / tablet, even if the scientific diver is performing his/her activities on another continent. And when it is time to generate a report, the DSO just need to tap on the screen and email the results!

Another fine example of how to apply the power and ubiquity of smartphones to the SCUBA industry

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