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November 22, 2009

Dear Virtual Diver,

eDiver logoWelcome to the new format of the eDiving newsletter. I hope You will enjoy it.

In the past few months we have been quite busy with few things: the r8 release of the simulator, launching, releasing the virtual dive site of the USS Oriskany and, last but not least the preparations for DEMA Show.

Our eDiving community is steadily growing and will surpass the 5,000 users mark in the next few days with more than 25,000 virtual dives performed so far.

I would appreciate if you could take some time to tour our new website at DiveComputerTraining and let me know for which dive computer you would like us to create an online specialty class.
Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
President & CEO
DiveNav, Inc.

USS Oriskany
Premium Virtual Dive Site
USS OriskanyIt took one year to find the deck plans and 4 month to build the 3D model .... but finally we made it happen. We re-sunk the USS Oriskany.
Read this POST to see the 3D model of the USS Oriskany coming together and then take a virtual dive on her.

But note that the USS Oriskany virtual dive site is a PREMIUM site, and as such it is only accessible if you have 5 stars or if you have the Oriskany Key.
Oriskany Key
The Oriskany Key is a TRINKET and you can find it hidden in several dive sites or you can buy it for 300 Bubble Credits. But, as every other trinket, if you just keep it in your garage, you will loose it after 2 days.
So, do you want to virtual dive the USS Oriskany? Find the Oriskany Key, hide it somewhere safe (maybe inside the USS Oriskany ?) and visit it at least once every 2 weeks.
r8 Simulator
October 2009
To prepare for DEMA, at the end of October we released the version r8 of the simulator.

One of the primary reason for this release was to integrate into eDiving the Scubapro Galileo solSCUBAPRO Galileo Sol dive computer; so far the most advanced dive computer we have been working on.
Currently the Galileo Sol is available only to few selected beta testers (it does not show up in the market place) and we plan to release it to everyone in January.
Other features of r8 are:
- Trinkets; you can now hide yourself objects in dive sites. Challange your buddy to find your trinkets ... or just go and steal his/her trinkets :-)
- Fishes Animation; improved animation for some fishes - starting with the batrays
- Scuba Tanks; now your tank must be re-filled once it gets empty. Sorry ... but you asked for more realism :-)

Check out the r8 Release Notes for a more detailed list of new features and fixes.
Good response from audience
DiveNav at DEMA 2009Early November we attended as Exhibitors the DEMA Show in Orlando - Florida.
The theme of our booth was the launch of our new service

While Tina, Tom and Mary were manning the booth, I was running from one meeting to the other.
I had several good meetings with manufacturers and certification agencies.
Also, I was very pleased with the reaction of several Instructors and owners of Dive Stores that indicated to me that they were going to recommend our dive computers specialty classes to their students.
About DiveNav, Inc
DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDivingĀ® scuba diving simulator and the innovative service.
eDiving enables the user friendly exploration of our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. facilitates computer-assisted SCUBA diving.

The eDiving simulator is available for free at
The DiveComputerTraining service is available at
In This Issue
USS Oriskany
r8 Release
Dive Computer Training
Dive Computer Training
DCT Logo

We have been working with several manufacturers to integrate their dive computers into eDiving and at the recent DEMA Show we launched our new service DiveComputerTraining to provide Online Specialty Classes for specific models of Dive Computers.
We have already released specialty classes for the Aeris XR-1 and the Oceanic Veo 100 and we are now creating specialty classes for several models of dive computers from leading manufacturers such as Aeris, Hollis, Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro, Suunto and Tusa.

Our online Specialty Classes provide 3 benefits: a) help you to research a specific dive computer before purchasing one, b) help you to learn how to use your dive computer via an interactive and effective learning environment with lots of videos, how-to examples, quizzes and final test, and c) provide an easy to search online multimedia manual of your dive computer.

The specialty classes are designed using the eDiving simulator and contain lots of simulated diving scenarios demonstrating how specific dive computers operates. The classes are accessible via the Internet using a browser.
Quick Links
While the Customize Your Tank Contest is concluded, we still have a couple of Contests running and we are planning more exciting contests for next year.
Here an update:

- Titan Rebreather Contest Titan CCR
There are 2 months left till the end of this contest and so far almost 800 tickets have been found (and lots of them are still hidden).
Which ticket will bring home a Titan CCR?

- Magician Dive Boat Contest Magician Dive Boat
Magician Scuba is among one of the best dive charter operation in the San Pedro area, offering single and multi-day Dive trips to Catalina, Santa Barbara, San Clemente and San Nicolas Islands.
November is the last month to win a free dive trip aboard the Magician dive boat.
Who will find the last winning ticket?

- Customize your Scuba Tank Contest contest winners
Congratulations to the 3 winners:
1st - keydiver321
2nd - tomgoosman
3rd - amarshall
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