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March 31, 2012
 Bringing the "Smartphone Experience" to Divers


Recently I was reading the "Bringing the Smartphone Experience to All"  article from my former boss Bob Rango, EVP anf GM at Broadcom, in which he predicts that smartphones will replace personal computers and even televisions as a primary source of information and digital entertainment.

What about scuba diving? Will the smartphone become your primary - and maybe only - digital device while diving?

Will the smartphone replace your dive computer? Your digital camera(s) (still and video)? Your dive planner? Your logbook? Your navigation device? Your hand signals? Your dive Pal?

We recently took a small, but significant, step in that direction and released our App iDive Computer; the first commercially availabe App that runs - in real time - a decompression algorithm on a smartphone.

You can use iDive Computer to create dive profiles by simply tilting your smartphone up and down. Then you can see how model-specific dive computers respond to those dive profiles.

iDive Computer is one of the many building blocks that I think will be required to deliver a "Smartphone Experience" to divers and we are looking forward to collaborate with those manufacturers that want to make this vision possible.

What do You think? Would you take your smartphone diving with you? Are your ready for the "Smartphone Experience"?

Alberto Mantovani 



Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)

President & CEO

DiveNav, Inc
Mares Icon HD
Online Class with tons of videos
I am pleased to announce that the Online Class for the Mares Icon HD dive computer is now available
Mares Icon HD dive computer -  Overview
This class includes 42, professionally made, interactive and effective multimedia audio / visual, several quizzes and a final test packaged in a cost effective online class that will make for an enjoyable user experience.

The class shows how to program the Icon HD, then takes you for a virtual dive with the Icon HD first with Air then using Nitrox. It also covers decompression situations, underwater navigation with the integrated digital compass, switching between multiple gasses and reviews how the Icon HD responds to those potentially dangerous situations - such as ascending too fast or going in deco - that you might encounter while diving.

Once taken, the Icon HD Online Class doubles as an online Multimedia User Manual that can be consulted from anywhere around the world.

You can enroll in the Icon HD Online Class either using an Activation Code, or purchasing it for $11.99.
Thumbs Down:
Need to learn the meaning of "PROPAEDEUTIC"
Recently I was informed that the online site gave a thumb down to our online class Introduction to Nitrox

My initial reaction was .... not good ... actually I got quite upset!

But then I realized that maybe the owner of does not know the meaning of the word propaedeutic... otherwise why would he criticize a course that is CLEARLY designed, labeled and positioned as a preparation material to help divers become better divers?
It is like complaining about a surface preparation product because it doesn't paint.... doh.intro 2 nitrox

Also, as far as I know, did not take our class, so, how can they judge on its quality and effectiveness?

Maybe they should have asked first the opinion of those of you that actually took this class and found it quite useful. See for example the comment from yodelhawk here on the right.
The Shape of a Dive Table
When you took your Open Water course, among other things, you learned that, when we dive, our body accumulates excessive Nitrogen and then when we surface this extra Nitrogen gets released.
Also, you probably learned that you can estimated the amount of this excessive Nitrogen using dive tables.

Then, when you started diving, you realized that in most of the cases your dives where multilevel dives and dive tables were not that helpful as they have been designed for square profiles.
One way to estimate the Pressure Group of a real multilevel dive would be to divide the dive in several sections, then determine for each individual section its maximum depth and bottom time and usedivenav divepal estimated pressure group a dive table on each section with a surface interval of 0 minutes between consecutive sections.
It seems a lot of work eh?

Or, you can just use the new Estimated Pressure Group feature we introduced in version 0.12 of divePAL.

For more information on how to estimate the PG of a real multilevel dive check out my article The Shape of a Dive Table.
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Mares Icon HD
Thumbs Down:
The Shape of a Dive Table
Online Classes
 dive computer training
Since the last newsletter we have released one more online class:
Mares Icon HD

As of today we have released 43 Online Classes:
AERIS:          XR-1, XR-1 Nx, MantaAtmos AI, XR-2, A300 AI
Cressi:        Leonardo
DiveNav:      Introduction to  Dive Computers, How to Choose a Dive Computer, Introduction to Nitrox
Mares           Puck, Icon HD
Oceanic:       Veo100, Veo 250,  
Pro Plus 2, OCS, /a>  Veo 1.0, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0, VT3, Geo, Geo 2.0
Atom 3.0,
OC1,   VT 4.0, B.U.D.        
OceanReef: UW Communications I,
Scubapro:    Galileo Sol,
Aladin 2G
Shearwater: Predator
SubGear:      XP-10
Suunto:         Gekko, Zoop, Cobra,
Cobra 3,  Vyper Air , D4, D6, D9, HelO2, Vyper
TUSA:           ZEN IQ-900

You can enroll in our Online Classes either using an ACTIVATION CODE, or BUBBLE CREDITS, or by purchasing them online via PayPal or on the App Store.
If you just bought a dive computer, make sure to ask your dive store and/or your instructor for the class ACTIVATION CODE.

If you are a dive retailer, or an Instructor, you can purchase ACTIVATION CODES at our ONLINE STORE.

DiveNav's Gift Certificates are the best way to give the perfect gift.

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Your Voice

This is what yodelhawk said about our Introduction to Nitrox online class:  


"I just recently took my NAUI Nitrox exam and thanks to DiveNav's on-line Pre-Nitrox class (A whopping $5.00) did well on the test. Thanks for a great product. ....


I think the class covered most of the info that was in the NAUI class. I seem to learn better with an interactive presentation like your class and believe your product made my passing my class easier. Btw... what a bargain. Since passing my Nitrox, I also bought the class for my dive computer and was very happy with it as well.  

Keep up the good work."


About DiveNav, Inc

About DiveNav

DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDiving® scuba diving simulator, the DiveComputerTraining® service and the industry first divePAL and iDive Computer Apps.  


eDiving enables the virtual exploration of our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. facilitates computer-assisted SCUBA diving.


divePAL allows divers to easily plan, analyze and log their dives.  


iDive Computer puts model-specific dive computers in smartphones.   


eDiving and divePAL for Windows can be downloaded from
The DiveComputerTraining service is available at

iDive Computer and divePAL for iPad are available on iTunes or on Apple App store

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