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Dear fellow Virtual Diver,
I hope you are enjoying your summer and are getting as many real dives done as possible.
Here at DiveNav we are working hard to make your eDiving experience even better.

In this eDiving August Newsletter you will find a summary of recent activities and a peek at what is coming.

As of August 24rd, there are 3,726 members in our growing community that have performed almost 20,000 virtual dives for a total bottom time of 2,880 hours. THANK YOU for your support!
Help us to
make eDiving the "Best Surface Interval" for divers; Invite your friends to join eDiving by clicking the tell_a_friend button after logging in.

Titan Rebreather Contest
This contest is in full swing.
As you know, by participating in this contest you have the possibility to WIN a REAL TITAN CCR and a training class with Jeff Bozanic.
So far we had 53 virtual divers that have found 417 raffle tickets for the Titan Contest.
Do you want to win a real rebreather and get trained by one of the best instructors? Keep looking for those raffle tickets ... there are plenty of them for everyone!
But remember that, to qualify for the contest, you MUST own a virtual Titan Rebreather by the time of drawing (1/31/2010).

Magician Contest
The July winner of a dive trip on the Magician boat is Robert R. High III.
So far, 159 raffle tickets for the Magician were found and Robert has got one of the winning tickets.
Soon Robert will be heading to California for a nice dive trip aboard the dive boat Magician to explore - for real - the kelp forests of Catalina Island.
This is what Robert had to say about eDiving: "I have never had an opportunity to dive on the west coast. eDiving has allowed me to explore the environment virtually. Now when I dive on the Magician, I'll have an idea of what to expect. eDiving has been a fantastic tool for helping me to continue to grow my diving skills."".
I am glad you like eDiving Robert! Keep using eDiving and referring friends to it :-)
So, who wants to go next on the Magician? Keep looking for those raffle tickets.

Custom Scuba Tank Contest
We recently launched a fun contest; You get to paint your virtual scuba tank the way you like it.
Just submit an image with your design and if you are the winner you will get some Bubble Credits and a virtual scuba tank customized for you. So that when you buddy dive you can show off your unique tank to your buddies :-).
See website for details

We launched this contest last month and now is almost over ..... as of today there are only few hundreds dives missing to reach 20,000.
Time goes so fast it seems yesterday when we launched the 10,000 Virtual Dives Contest.
At his rate we will need to have a contest every month ....
With this contest, you can win 5,000 Bubble Credits ..... just be the one doing the first "qualified virtual dive" that breaks the 20,000 barrier (with the dive 20,000 included) and you will receive 5,000 Bubble Credits!!!.
A "qualified virtual dive" is a dive deeper than 20m/66ft, done in a site other than an orientation site and with a bottom time longer than 3 minutes.

We are glad to welcome on board our newest sponsor:


We plan to link our virtual market place with LeisurePro 's real one so you will be able to purchase both virtual and real gear from our website and from within the simulator.
Also, we plan launch a joint contest with LeisurePro next month. Stay tuned :-)

Would you like to promote YOUR brand and products to target consumers while they are in "the mood" of diving (virtual diving with the simulator)?
Are you interested in becoming a sponsor too?
Send us an email at

We recently released the new virtual dive site of Ship Rock - South and USCGC Bibb. Now you have one more dive site each in California and Florida!
We are now working on the dive site for the USS Oriskany that we plan to release in September.

We are working hard to finalize the r7 release of the simulator; current release date is Th. 9/3/2009. We will have a more detailed update on this subject early next week.

Recently there is quite a debate going on in the industry regarding Dive Tables vs. Dive Computers; which one should be taught? Which one is best for you ? Which one is easier to use?
We are working with several manufacturers to integrate as many dive computers as possible into eDiving so if you are looking to buy a new dive computer you can try it first on eDiving and/or practice with it once you bought it.

You have a question regarding the simulator and can not find the answer? Make sure you
check out the FORUM. You will be surprised by how much information is there already and by how many other members are there willing to support You.

We recently presented eDiving at the following dive clubs:
a) Ocean Adventures Dive Club
b) The Sea Divers Dive Club
In both cases eDiving was very well received and we got lot of questions and feedback (and new eDivers too).
If you are a member of a dive club located in Southern California (from San Diego to Santa Barbara) and would like to have eDiving presented to your dive club, just give us a call !

Would you like to share your eDiving experience with the rest of the community?
Do you have an interesting idea to propose ? Or just a message you would like everyone to read?
THIS is your spot!
Send the message to me on eDiving; once a month I will select one and publish it here for everyone to read.
This month I selected a message from our member totoro:"It was actually something I was looking for and found on a search for diving simulators. eDiving is exactly what I was looking for - a scuba diving simulator. I had found some underwater games but the were just that - games. I wanted an environment that was tailored to the scuba diving experience (the sights, sounds movement) and used the correct equipment to execute the dive. I did not (want) some 1st person shooter game that happened to take place underwater. Thank you so very much for creating this environment. I have always found a calming peace in the sound of my bubbles and now I can get a taste of that here when I can't get to the water!"
Thank you totoro for the message and for the suggestions you made to improve eDiving.

For more information on the various contests, the new features of the simulator and the website please check our website.

Dive Safe, eDive Often

Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
DiveNav, Inc.
DiveNav, Inc

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