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divenav newsletter june 2010
divenav newsletter june 2010
DiveNav, Inc.
July 30, 2010
Milestones ... 10k and 50k

July was quite an important month for DiveNav as we reached two critical milestones: we flew through the 50,000 virtual dives barrier and broke the 10,000 members ceiling!
It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating the 10,000 virtual dives milestone.....

I am quite pleased with our growth rate these days. I guess you all are doing a good job in spreading the word :-)

At any given time, one of our members - from anywhere in the world - is either exploring a (virtual) dive site, taking one of our online classes, posting a message or playing with the simulator/game (by the way, did I tell you that I am about to test our new virtual speargun?).

Our next milestones? 10k, 50k and 500k.
10,000 online classes, 50,000 members and half a million virtual dives!

Which one do You think we will reach first? When?

Sincerely,Alberto Mantovani
Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
President & CEO
DiveNav, Inc.
Dive Computers Research Tool
How to choose a dive computer

Are you looking to buy your first dive computer but are overwhelmed by all the possible choices out there? Yes, it is a jungle out there, but you are not alone anymore.

In collaboration with several manufacturers (Aeris, Cressi, Genesis, Hollis, Liquivision, Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro, Shearwater, Sherwood, Suunto, Tusa and Uemis) we have created the Dive Computers Research Tool and coded in it 100 dive computers ( as of today).

Through a series of simple questions, guided screens and links to free videos, the tool will help you understand what the market has to offer and narrow down your selection to what is best for you.

You can also use the tool to rate your preferred dive computers so your fellow divers can benefit from your experiences.

So, go ahead, use our new Dive Computers Research Tool and tell your friends about it. And if you are an Instructor, feel free to use the tool in your classroom to educate your students how to navigate the Dive Computers Jungle!
Product of the Month
Premium Service
Would You like to try out the rebreather but you don't have enough Bubble Credits to purchase it?
Would You like to use a different dive computer every day?
Or a different mask?

Several of you asked for it, and now it is ready: Premium Service!
- free access to to all gear
- no charge for re-fills
- get 5 stars right away
- access to all dive sites (except the practice sites related to online classes)

Click HERE to subscribe to the Premium Service.

divenav newsletter june 2010Premium users will get a nice icon on their profile page.
Your Voice
OFD from New Zealand
Recently I see more and more interesting posts on our Forum, so I decided to create this space for the "Post of the Month"

As a first month I picked the post from rpn; I was so happy to see that our simulator and online classes are appreciated by seniors too and not just the Y generation.

Here is the post:
"Hi, I'm Richard.
First let me say say how much I enjoy using the ediving simulator as a training medium.
I am aged 71 and have put a resumption of scoba diving in my "bucket list".
I first started diving in New Zealand during the 60s using a twin hose Seibe Gorman reg. I did a lot of diving in the 60s and 70s without any training apart from reading books on the subject. I decided knowledge was the best way to go and trained with the NZUA. My "Advanced Open Water" ticket was crossed over to PADI in the 80s to do a dive trip to BC Canada.On my resumption to diving I recently joined a group of like aged divers on a charter trip. They call themselves OFD "Old Farts Divers" I was really impressed with their attitude to diving and to life in general. I had a ball. The charter boat even had a Hydraulic lift in addition to the normal boarding ladder. Great when you are not as steady on your pins.
I have recently upgraded a lot of my gear including a Cobra 1 computer.
The simulator has been a great help in the use of this computer.
Regards to all,
About DiveNav, Inc
DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDiving® scuba diving simulator and the DiveComputerTraining® service.
eDiving enables the user friendly exploration of our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. facilitates computer-assisted SCUBA diving.

The eDiving simulator is available for free at
The DiveComputerTraining service is available at
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Dive Computers Research tool
Product of the Month
Your Voice
Dive Computer Classes
Lobster Hunting Game
Dive Computers Classes
dive computer training

In July we have released online classes for the following dive computers:
Oceanic OC1
Suunto D4

As of today we have Online Classes for 17 Dive Computers:

AERIS: XR-1, Manta, Atmos AI

Oceanic: Veo100, Pro Plus 2,
Veo 1.0, Veo 3.0,
Geo, Geo 2.0, OC1

Scubapro/Uwatec: Galileo Sol

Aqualung/Suunto: Gekko, Zoop,
Cobra, Cobra 3


You can enroll in our Online Classes either using BUBBLE CREDITS or the class ACTIVATION CODE.
If you just bought a dive computer, make sure to ask your dive store for the class ACTIVATION CODE.

If you are a dive retailer You can get the ACTIVATION CODES at our ONLINE STORE.
Thanks to our sponsors, we now have more dive computer contests running.

To participate you need to take the specialty class and to win the dive computer you need to be the fastest one to complete the class.

Here is a list of contests:
Oceanic Pro Plus 2 CLOSED - winner is Stephen Domorod from North Haven, CT.

Suunto Cobra July 31, 2010
Oceanic Geo 2.0 August 31, 2010
Tusa Zen IQ-900 September 30, 2010
Oceanic Veo 3.0 October 31, 2010
Scubapro Galileo Sol November 30, 2010
Oceanic Veo 1.0 December 31, 2010
Aeris Atmos AI January 31, 2011
Suunto Zoop February 28, 2011
Suunto Cobra 3 March 31, 2011
Suunto D4 April 30, 2011

suunto cobra 3Suunto CobraOceanic Geo 2.0
Tusa ZenOceanic Veo 3.0scubapro Galileo Sol
oceanic veo 1.0Aeris Atmos AISuunto Zoop
Suunto D4 dive computer
Lobster Hunting game
Want to practice catching California Spiny lobsters while winning Bubble Credits?

my first lobster

Now we have 4 different dive sites where you can capture lobsters and win Bubble Credits every month.
The game is ON!
Check out the website to see your personal records and the global ones.

Enjoy the game !
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