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Dear fellow Virtual Diver,
I hope you are enjoying your summer and are getting as many real dives done as possible.
Here at DiveNav we are working hard to make your eDiving experience even better.

In this eDiving July newsletter you will find a summary of recent activities and exciting previews.

As of July 21st, 5:00PM, there are 3,274 eDivers that have performed 16,454 eDives for a total bottom time of 2,350 hours. VERY GOOD !!!

Titan Rebreather Contest
This contest is in full swing.
As you know, by participating in this contest you have the possibility to WIN a REAL TITAN CCR and a training class with Jeff Bozanic.

During the month June we had 28 virtual divers finding 159 raffle tickets for the Titan Contest.
Do you want to win a real rebreather? Keep looking for those raffle tickets ... there are plenty of them for everyone!

Magician Contest
Our first winner of a dive trip on the Magician boat is Kenneth Horaitis.
During the month of June, 72 raffle tickets for the Magician were found and Ken has got the lucky one.
So, soon Ken will be heading to California for a nice dive trip aboard the dive boat Magician to explore - for real - the kelp forests of Catalina Island.
This is what Kenneth had to say about eDiving: "I find eDiving getting better every week with new sites and options and looking forward to upcoming release's and enjoy interacting with the community forum...the possibilities are almost endless".
I am glad you like eDiving Kenneth! Keep using eDiving and referring friends to it :-)
So, who wants to go next on the Magician? Keep looking for those raffle tickets.

Custom Scuba Tank Contest
We recently launched a fun contest; You get to paint your virtual scuba tank the way you like it.
Just submit an image with your design and if you are the winner you will get some Bubble Credits and a virtual scuba tank customized for you. So that whem you buddy dive you can show it off to your buddies :-).
See website for details
So, who wants to go next on the Magician? Keep looking for those raffle tickets.

You can win 5,000 Bubble Credits ..... just be the one doing the first "qualified virtual dive" that breaks the 20,000 barrier (with the dive 20,000 included) and you will receive 5,000 Bubble Credits!!!.
A "qualified virtual dive" is a dive deeper than 20m/66ft, done in a site other than an orientation site and with a bottom time longer than 3 minutes.

Bring an eBuddy - Spring 2009

This Contest is now over and we recently gave away the 2 remaining prizes.
Robert R. High III was the lucky winner of the June prize; a very nice Elite T3 Dive Computer.
This is what Robert had to say about eDiving: "Diving is a major part of my life. eDiving helps me interact with like minded people with a passion for the sport and "dive" even when my busy schedule prevents me from actually getting wet."

But, who brought home the Grand Prize? The Oceanic Datamask?
Congratulation to Lizbeth Price! She is final the winner of the Bring an eBuddy - Spring 2009 Contest!
This is what Lizbeth had to say about eDiving: "I have found ediving to be a great experience, realistic and informative. I think it will make a great training tool when incorporated with diver training and I am excited to be the grand prize winner of the Oceanic Data Mask."

Congratulations again to Robert, Lizbeth, all the other winners and to every one of you that has participated in the eBuddy - Spring 2009 Contest!
Also I would like to thank Oceanic for sponsoring this contest.

We recently released the new virtual dive site of Scripps Canyon - Sumner Branch and upgraded the Redondo Canyon - Veteran's Park one. Now you two more dive sites where you can go quite deep!
We are now working on the dive site for the USCGC Bibb and we plan to release it before the end of July.

We are planning a new release of the simulator for mid August that should include:
a) Keyboard Binding: (a feature that allows you to map the controls of the simulator the way you like it).
b) Remote Operated Vehicle: This mode is for NON-divers, or , for divers that are in a hurry to check out a dive site and don't have time to gear up as a diver and check their buoyancy, air consumption and nitrogen/oxygen loadings.
For now we have only one type of ROV (single rear propeller) but you can quite customize it changing various parts such as: body, dome, propeller, battery, engine, power booster.


We might also create some "underwater racetrack" so you can race your ROVs :-)
c) More Dive Computers (to be announced soon)
d) Trinkets: you will be able to "hide: in dive sites various objects - and then challenge your friends to find them :-)
e) Drysuit: so you can do long deep dives without shaking too much for the cold.

We have added some cool features to the website:
1) See all your virtual dives
2) See your raffle tickets
3) New Posts list & notification
4) See who is buddy diving
5) Videos section
6) Gear Rental

If you would like us to add some other features, just post your request in the FORUM

We recently presented eDiving at the following dive clubs:
a) Southern California Dive Club - Inland Empire
b) Bottom Bunch Dive Club
c) Pacific Explorers Dive Club
In all cases eDiving was very well received and we got lot of questions and feedback (and new eDivers too).
If you are a member of a dive club located in Southern California (from San Diego to Santa Barbara) and would like to have eDiving presented to your dive club, just give us a call !

For more information on the various contests, the new features of the simulator and the website please check our website.

Dive Safe, eDive Often

Alberto Mantovani (aka eDiver)
DiveNav, Inc.
DiveNav, Inc

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