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Next Generation Diving Simulator, Trainer and Planner

Scuba Show, Long Beach, Calif., June 2, 2007 - DiveNav Inc, an innovative company developing leading-edge services and technology enabling the efficient and effective exploration and use of our ocean resources by the recreational, educational, commercial, and scientific communities, today demonstrated its vDive technology, the industry's most advanced diving simulator.

vDive integrates a custom designed next generation 3D engine, optimized for rendering underwater scenery, with extremely high resolution bathymetry models, satellite and terrain maps, existing habitat, and interactive 3D models.

vDive has been specifically tailored toward the new diver population by adding a customized and easy to use interface together with an accurate behavioral model of the diver that makes vDive the perfect tool to do a "check out" dive without getting wet. With these features vDive will enhance the Instructor's job by allowing students to preview and "feel" some of the aspects of diving (terrain profile and visibility similar to the real check-out site, buoyancy, inertial movements, underwater sounds, variable air consumption proportional to depth and activity) before getting into the ocean.

DiveNav is anticipating the release of a production version of vDive in the fourth quarter of 2007.

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