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Enabling wider access to a premier SCUBA dive site in Florida

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL, and TUSTIN, CA, October 2, 2008 � ScubaBoard and DiveNav are announcing collaboration with two premier dive shops in the Florida Keys to develop a virtual dive site of the USS Spiegel Grove.

"At the time of its sinking, the Spiegel Grove was the largest ship ever intentionally sunk to create a new reef for divers" said Captain Slate, owner of the Atlantis Dive Center, "and as of today she remains one of the largest ships in the world ever scuttled for that purpose" he continued.

The USS Spiegel Grove is a Landing Ship Dock (LSD 32), she is 510 feet in length and 84 feet wide and she now rests at a depth of 134 ft near Dixie Shoals in Key Largo.

"Once this project is completed, anyone with a computer and access to the Internet will be able to virtually dive the USS Spiegel Grove using eDiving®", said Peter Murray, President of ScubaBoard. "The USS Spiegel Grove is one of the best dive sites in Florida", he added.

eDiving®, developed by DiveNav, is the virtual underwater world that allows divers, snorkelers and marine enthusiasts to virtually visit real locations.

"The Upper Florida Keys is one of the top destinations in the country for divers and snorkelers", said Captain Gary, owner of the Conch Republic Divers, "by offering a virtual tour of the USS Spiegel Grove, you will be able to see this massive artificial reef and how the abundant sea life have now made it their home", he continued.

"We are glad to collaborate with ScubaBoard and with local experts such as Captain Slate and Captain Gary", said Alberto Mantovani, President and CEO of DiveNav, "we are calling upon the Florida's diving community and upon ScubaBoard's members to contribute their expertise to this project so we can make the USS Spiegel Grove accessible to a wider audience", he added.

Please check with Atlantis Dive Center or Conch Republic Divers to see how you can become a part of this exciting project.

ScubaBoard and DiveNav are planning to demonstrate virtual diving on the USS Spiegel Grove at the DEMA Show, booths number 2409 and 4951 respectively.


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