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DiveNav 's App puts Dive Computers in Android Smartphones     


First Android App that runs a decompression algorithm in real time    


Tustin, CA, April 25th, 2012 -DiveNav, the developer of the innovative eDiving® and divePAL simulators and the DiveComputerTraining® service, announces the availability of the free iDive Computer App for Android powered Smartphones.  


iDive Computer includes a virtual depth sensor that allows a user to interact with her Smartphones with simple hand movements and make it descend or ascend in the water column and so create custom dive profiles.
Additionally, the App contains a Nitrogen Loading monitor that displays the nitrogen intake and release during the dive.


        "After the successful release of iDive Computer for the iPhone last month, we immediately addressed the needs of the owners of Android based Smartphones.", said Alberto Mantovani, President and CEO of DiveNav, "this is the perfect App for recreational scuba divers to refresh their dive computers skills before the dive season resumes, or in-between dive trip.", he concluded.  


       The iDive Computer App is based on DiveNav's implementation of the Buhlmann ZH-L16C algorithm, can be customized via inApp purchase of simulations for model-specific dive computers of major brands and supports the most typical dive screens such as: surface, normal diving, entering deco, deco stop, deco violation, fast ascent alarm and post dive.


       iDive Computer is available fro free download from Google Play




About DiveNav

DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDiving® scuba diving simulator, the DiveComputerTraining® service and the industry first divePAL and iDive Computer Apps.  


eDiving enables the virtual exploration of our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. facilitates computer-assisted SCUBA diving.

divePAL allows divers to easily plan, analyze and log their dives. 

iDive Computer puts model-specific dive computers in smartphones. 


eDiving and divePAL are available at

DiveComputerTraining service is available at

divePAL for iPad is available at Apple App Store

iDive Computer is available at Apple App Store  and on Google Play 



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