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Industry Leaders Further Validate DiveNav Technology

Oceanic Worldwide and Scuba Schools International announce new Unique Specialty Courses for Dive Computers

Tustin, CA, January 19, 2011 -DiveNav, the developer of the innovative eDiving® scuba diving simulator and the DiveComputerTraining® service, applaud this new initiative recently announced jointly by Oceanic Worldwide and Scuba School International.

The goal of the Oceanic Computer Diver - SSI Unique Specialty Courses is to train recreational divers to properly use model-specific Oceanic Personal Dive Computers when performing recreational - non decompression - dives using air. Each program includes an independent online learning session and open water session. The program can be taught by any current and insured SSI Oceanic Computer Diver Specialty Instructor. SSI Instructors can download Oceanic Computer Diver Distinctive Specialty Instructor Manuals for the several Oceanic Dive Computers by going to

"We have been working for quite some time with the leading manufacturers of scuba equipment and certification agencies, and are extremely pleased by this new initiative that further validates our value proposition", said Alberto Mantovani, President and CEO of DiveNav, Inc., "thanks to our platform technology, we can safely and cost effectively create educational material and training scenarios for dive computers, closed circuit rebreathers, remotely operated vehicles and any other high tech product that could be used underwater", he concluded.

The learning session of each SSI Unique Specialty Courses is composed by the related model-specific dive computer online class developed by DiveNav and available online at


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DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing the leading-edge eDiving® scuba diving simulator and the innovative DiveComputerTraining® service.

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