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January 14, 2011 Contact: Gene Muchanski

For Immediate Release: (800) 435-3483 Ext 114

Oceanic and SSI Introduce Computer Diver Unique Specialty Courses

Oceanic Worldwide has teamed up with Scuba Schools International (SSI) to develop several Unique Specialty Courses for model-specific Oceanic personal dive computers.

The goal of the Oceanic Computer Diver - SSI Unique Specialty Courses is to train recreational divers to properly use model-specific Oceanic Personal Dive Computers when performing recreational - non decompression - dives using air. Each program includes an independent outline learning session and open water session. The program can be taught by any current and insured SSI Oceanic Computer Diver Specialty Instructor. SSI Instructors can download Oceanic Computer Diver Distinctive Specialty Instructor Manuals for the Oceanic Veo 1.0, Veo 2.0, Veo 3.0 and the Geo 2.0 Personal Dive Computers by going to

SSIAccording to Doug McNeese of Scuba Schools International, "SSI is excited to see that Oceanic has created specific online training for their computers and honored to be included to support all our SSI/Oceanic Dive Centers and Resorts." McNeese continued, "This type of forward thinking by Oceanic is what the industry needs more of - working together! Thank you Bob Hollis."

Doug Krause, Marketing Manager at Oceanic is very excited about this new tool that puts computer education in the hands of the consumer. "The Oceanic Computer Diver - SSI Unique Specialty Courses helps Divers become more knowledgeable about the personal dive computer they use which makes them more comfortable using the product." We have learned that when divers are more comfortable using their gear, it increases their safety and enjoyment. Computer specific courses are great tools for exposing Divers to the benefits of using personal dive computers while adding the social aspect to learning something new. A group of divers can take the on-line portion individually and then meet as a class to do the open water portion with their Instructor. The value to our Instructors and Dive Centers is that on-line computer training covers all of the necessary information, makes the learning fun and decreases the amount of time it takes to educate each diver. This type of training puts the fun back in the training process and gets divers in the water sooner and safer.

Visit OceanicWorldwide to see the complete line of 2011 Oceanic Dive Computers. All online computer training courses for Oceanic Personal Dive Computers from DiveNav, are available at

For more information, contact: Doug Krause, Oceanic Marketing Manager. Email: Phone: 800-435-3483 Ext 420.


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