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Online Exploration of the HMCS Yukon Artificial Reef from any Home or Classroom

SAN DIEGO and TUSTIN, Calif., October 25, 2007 - The San Diego Oceans
Foundation and DiveNav, Inc. announce today a collaboration to enable virtual
exploration of the HMCS Yukon Artificial Reef from any home or classroom connected
to the Internet.

The HMCS Yukon is a decommissioned Canadian warship that was sunk by the
San Diego Oceans Foundation (SDOF). SDOF brought the Yukon to San Diego from
Canada, stripped her of toxic and hazardous materials and, after passing rigorous
EPA inspections, in July 2000 placed her on the bottom in 100 feet of water to serve
as an artificial reef just 1.85 miles offshore, west of Mission Beach in San Diego. The
HMCS Yukon is the largest ship ever sunk on the West Coast as an artificial reef. She
is in a location that is accessible by both divers and fisherman making her a
favorable recreational area. The HMCS Yukon is also the subject of an ongoing
Artificial Reef Monitoring Project, managed by SDOF, that involves volunteers who
study the rate of fish, invertebrate and plant colonization.

As part of this announced collaboration, DiveNav and the San Diego Oceans
Foundation will use DiveNav 's vDive technology to develop an eDive site (virtual
dive site) of the HMCS Yukon which will include a detailed 3-D model of the warship
and animated models of the marine life typical of the site. Additionally, the type,
quantity and location of virtual marine life will be modeled based upon the scientific
data collected by the SDOF as part of its ongoing Artificial Reef Monitoring Project.

This collaboration is expected to benefit recreational, educational and
scientific users. Certified recreational scuba divers could use this eDive site to
preview an example of a dive trip to the HMCS Yukon while dive professionals could
use it to promote scuba diving to prospective divers. Educators could use the
material as a teaching aid in an interactive classroom environment and scientists
could use eDive's 3-D animated models to visualize - data obtained in the field.

At DEMA Show 2007, booth 877, the San Diego Oceans Foundation and
DiveNav will demonstrate a preliminary version of the HMCS Yukon eDive site. The
site should be available to the general public, via the eDiving® online service, in the
first part of 2008.


About DiveNav Inc.
DiveNav Inc., headquartered in Tustin, Calif., is an innovative company developing
leading-edge services and products that will enable the user friendly exploration of
our oceans by the recreational and educational communities. DiveNav 's patent
pending vDive technology is the engine powering its eDiving® online service. For
more information regarding DiveNav or its eDiving® service, please email us at or visit our websites at or

About the San Diego Oceans Foundation.
The San Diego Oceans Foundation has built a legacy of pioneering grassroots
volunteer programs which increase our understanding of marine animals, protect
ecosystems, and provide solutions to environmental challenges.
Through our programs, we engage community members of all ages and backgrounds
in meaningful hands-on volunteer work. Whether raising white seabass, hiking
canyons, educating youth or surveying local fish populations, every volunteer gains a
deeper understanding and appreciation for San Diego's oceans and bays, and helps
spread our message of ocean stewardship. To learn more about the San Diego
Oceans Foundation visit our website at
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