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So I live in the boonies and have a po box for my mail and credit cards . But paypal accounts cannot be created with po boxes, the reason I do not hav...
Created by dalav8ir in Help - FAQ
11/25/15 6:33 pm
by dalav8ir
is the Galileo sol all it is cracked up too be i would love too hear from people that own one and have pushed it to its extremities using all of its m...
09/09/10 9:21 pm
by sirrenthebrave
Hi, Is the Galileo Sol in the simulator capable of monitoring your buddy's tank pressure? -Thanks amarshall...
09/09/10 9:13 pm
by sirrenthebrave
In the Veo 100 Practice site you will be able to practice with the Oceanic dive computer Veo 100. This dive site is available only to students taki...
09/09/10 6:43 pm
by stevemarshall12
I have a question for you all. Why would someone start a virtual dive in buddy mode but then deny another member to join them? Specially if the "oth...
09/07/10 2:59 pm
by amarshall
Interesting ARTICLE. I think this new feature could be quite useful....
09/06/10 3:07 pm
by cdiver
Post in this topic any question you have regarding the Suunto Zoop Specialty Class Alberto (aka eDiver)...
09/06/10 8:36 am
by eDiver
Is the forum search function down? Nothing I type in brings up any topics....
09/05/10 7:13 am
by amarshall
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09/03/10 5:12 pm
by eDiver
Oceanic OC1 Online Class